During the last twenty years, Satori Associates, Inc. has acted as a consultant in insurance matters for many attorneys, agents and brokers, members of the public, and directly for insurance carriers. In many instances engaging our services as a consultant early in a case or dispute will reveal points and issues that were not yet considered in analysis, or in negotiations. As a consultant, and not a designated expert witness, our work is not generally subject to discovery. We can therefore freely discuss, in detail, the relative weakness, problems, and failures, as well as the merits, strengths, and strong points of the client's position or situation. Often we suggest that our role may be most advantageous as an analyst and teacher, and that the retention of another entity to be designated as an expert witness, while admittedly more expensive, will ultimately prove to be the best methodology. This is especially true in defense situations where the client's position is less than optimal. In certain instances, the educational role as a consultant may even eliminate the need for an expert witness.  In our consultant role, we have often been asked to help formulate questions to be used in the deposition of opposing expert witnesses. We believe that this is an extremely valuable function.

Insurance, as practiced in the real world, is quite different from not only the theoretical, but different from the public's perception of just how the entire system operates. Certain coverages are not only unfamiliar to most persons, including even those with high educational credentials, but the terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations of certain forms of coverage are almost indecipherable, even to persons well experienced in the insurance field. Two forms of coverages; Aviation and (Wet) Marine insurance, are good examples. Furthermore, the respective roles, duties, and responsibilities of agents, brokers, adjusters, auditors, and underwriters are generally not well understood by the public.

In the approximately twenty years since Satori's founding, we have acted as a litigation support consultant, in one form or another, in more than one thousand instances. Our fees are based on hourly rates plus expenses, and are available upon direct request.

Revision Date: November 25, 2009