The President of Satori Associates, Inc., Bennett Bibel, was an early pioneer in insurance agency automation. As can be seen in the brief biography available at this Web site, he is an Electrical Engineering graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and spent several years involved with defense projects in which he was responsible for developing a number of computer software and hardware solutions pertinent to those projects. Later he headed the joint Transaction Tracking Committee of The Institute for Insurance Research (IIR) and The Agent Company Organization for Research and Development (ACORD), was a Board Member of The Insurance Agents and Brokers Association of California's (IIABC) Agency Automation Committee, was the Chairman of The Western Association of Insurance Brokers (WAIB) Automation Committee, the leader or invited panel participant of innumerable trade association seminars, the President of Delphi's Agency Automation User Group, a development panel member of the national Automated Agency Services Incorporated (AASI) program, and a designer of many insurance related programs, systems and subsystems. Over the years that he owned his own brokerage, he utilized virtually every format of automation then available; service bureaus and dialups running on mainframes, in-house minis, stand alone PCs, and was one of the very first to develop PC based Local Area Networks. He was retained for several years as an automation consultant to one of the largest national insurance brokerage houses, and in such capacity evaluated numerous agency automation systems. He was instrumental in helping establish a facility where agents and brokers could perform hands on testing of a number of vendor systems utilizing the same raw data - a model agency, so that they might directly compare the speed, accuracy, and ease of use of the various systems. He co-authored a number of automation procedural pathway manuals for not only his own firm, but also for the aforementioned national brokerage, and for Delphi Systems. He has participated in the design or implementation of numerous systems. Satori Associates, Inc. is available for consultation with regard to any aspect of agency automation from small agencies through large national brokerages. Satori's fees are generally based on hourly rates plus expenses, however other arrangements can be negotiated.


Revision Date: November 25, 2009