Litigation is not always the best solution to claims, audits, dividend nor commission disagreements. Through our experience we have been successful in resolving many such conflicts. We have mediated a number of disputes and find that the presence of a non-involved, yet highly knowledgeable party who fully understands all the issues and ramifications, can often resolve the problem. We find that the protagonists sometimes harden their positions to such a degree that they feel that they cannot compromise nor back down in any way. When we listen to all sides without prejudice, and then suggest pathways that still allow for some saving of face, compromise may well work. Of course, in some cases, all that is needed is an outside opinion to support or refute one side or the other. Satori's offices contain a small conference room in which such mediation may be conducted in a non-charged nor hostile environment. We also have access to larger conference rooms on premises. We have also been successful in mediating (informally) on behalf of individuals with their dealings with insurance carriers. Most Insureds do not fully understand their rights, their coverages, insurance terminology, nor for that matter, their obligations. Once we can get the Insured past the emotional level, we can usually furnish the "tools" for him or her to make significant progress in the problem resolution process. When necessary, and when asked to do so, we will make direct contact with the adjuster, the auditor, agent or broker, whoever, and attempt to resolve the problem on a professional basis. Of course this is not always successful, and we then recommend alternative approaches, including, but not limited to, arbitration or litigation. In these instances we generally continue to work with the Insured in one capacity or another - normally as a consultant. Our fees for this type of situation are normally invoiced on an hourly plus expenses basis, subject to a minimum per case fee. The fee rate structure is available upon request.

Revision Date: November 25, 2009