Expert Witness experience is invaluable. Bennett Bibel of Satori Associates, Inc. has been acting as an expert witness for many years. He has been designated as an expert witness in well over 400 cases, been deposed more than 100 times, and has testified in court or at arbitrations or mediations more than 50 times. An expert's function is to communicate effectively as a teacher or educator to the attorneys, judge, and jury in technical matters.  He must be persuasive, but not offensive; to not only be, but to convey that he is thoughtful and sincere. He is not a "hired gun," and should not appear to be so.  Above all he must know how to project an aura of confidence based on experience. Given an expert's wide latitude in presenting opinions and evidence, he must know when to be aggressive and assertive as to his opinions, and when to be conservative and non-confrontational. He must not be rattled by cross examination. 

Over the years Bennett Bibel has learned how to conduct himself at depositions. The deposing attorney gets accurate, concise, thoughtful answers, but Bennett Bibel seldom provides information beyond the direct scope of the question. He understands that he is not there to convince the opposing side that they are wrong. He knows that anything he says may well be brought up at trial, and mostly in a negative way. He was once deposed by a battery of six attorneys over a full three day period, and this was a great learning experience for him.

Satori Associates, Inc. has produced written reports, graphs and charts, spreadsheets, etc., when so requested, or required as in most Federal cases, and we have full office facilities to prepare such documents. No databases of cases are maintained, and at the conclusion of a case, all materials furnished to Satori Associates, Inc., as well as reports and related documents, are shredded in-house, or otherwise disposed of, in such a way as to maintain confidentiality.

Fees are generally based on hourly rates in two classifications: Sworn Testimony, and All Other Work. Expenses are charged at their direct cost. We normally request a fully creditable retainer fee in the amount of our minimum per case fee. These various figures are available upon direct request.

Revision Date:  May 14, 2013